Michael Kosmala / Principal

Helping organizations get unstuck and take actions that deepen community engagement and increase organizational effectiveness.

What others are saying about Twin Goats LLC

"Michael has a gift for deep listening and intuitive learning about organizations at a DNA level. The work he has done for me and my team has truly been transformative. He has become a trusted advisor, sounding board, and motivator."

Martin Jones, CEO / MetroEast Community Media


Qualities I value and organizations I associate with.

Do important work in today’s world.

You likely work in fields or for causes that involve the arts, education, technology, or youth and understand the importance of community engagement.

Want to be the most of something.

Having (or seeking) complete clarity about who you are and the unique value you provide guides all your actions. You understand that saying no can convey a position of strength.

Believe in the power of group wisdom.

You know it takes all kinds of minds to move an organization forward, however maddening or frustrating it may seem at times.

Leverage mistakes to accelerate progress.

Making time to discuss and apply lessons learned from your mistakes is your ultimate leverage point for progress. You’re willing to try new things, provided you have clear goals and measures of success.

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mercy corps
oregon arts commission
free geek
oregon cultural trust
josephone community libraries inc
oregon state capitol foundation
oregon humanities
world affairs council of oregon
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literary arts
What others are saying about Twin Goats LLC

"Expert. High Integrity. Creative. WVDO worked with Michael on a strategic plan and then again for several projects implementing this plan. His research is thorough...his communication with board members, staff and volunteers is terrific!"

Agnes Zach, Executive Director / Willamette Valley Development Officers


Everyone has super powers, right? These are mine.

Skilled analyst and opportunity finder

Adept listener and judge of group dynamics and culture. I get up to speed fast and pinpoint key trends or issues that enable progress to be made.

Proven marketing and fund development strategist

Demonstrated success exceeding goals in areas including subscriptions, memberships, annual fund, corporate sponsorships, grants and special events through direct leadership or coaching of others in non-profit and public sector companies.

Innovator and systems thinker

Successfully merges creative design and problem solving into organization-wide actionable plans and structures that are embraced and yield results.

Versatile leader and change agent

Over 18 years of experience in a wide range of industries, organizations, and contexts. I’ve successfully navigated change in various capacities as a senior leader, interim executive, board member, and consultant.

Inspirational team leader and effective coach

Strong change leadership skills and proven ability to develop staff and build strong, cohesive teams that deliver excellent results. I’ve successfully motivated, inspired and led team members through difficult transitions and integration projects.

Effective communicator and facilitator

Accustomed to serving in high-profile roles requiring excellent public speaking, group communication, political savvy, and consensus building skills. I communicate to connect and effectively translate complex issues across diverse audiences.

What others are saying about Twin Goats LLC

"Innovative thinker. Good problem solver. Friendly. Team player. Cutting edge of technology tools at finger tips. Ability to make things happen in short time frame and rescale projects as needed under difficult circumstances."

Kimberly Howard, Manager / Portland General Electric Foundation


Projects and services you'd want my help with.

Visioning and strategy planning

I help organizations create roadmaps for future success that address your critical challenges head-on and emphasize broad community engagement – internally and externally - throughout the process.

Interim executive leadership

Having an experienced outside executive come in to make sure that your structures and systems are sound can help maintain momentum and guide your organization as you prepare for your next leader.

Change management

I partner with executive directors, leadership teams and boards to ensure that change initiatives are smoothly and successfully implemented. I accomplish this by providing a blend of planning and coaching support that honor organization values as your desired goals are reached.

Research and evaluation

Program evaluations, member surveys, audits, or new initiative research. I design and conduct research and evaluations that provide actionable insights, for government agencies and non profits alike with target audiences of 10 to over 45,000 individuals.

What others are saying about Twin Goats LLC

"We've used your services for several program evaluations and have gained important information that continue to help drive our program improvements."

Cindy Knapp, Director of Operations / Regional Arts and Culture Council

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